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It is imperative, procedural and, since, object- oriented. The COBOL program which reads a varable record layout file gave file status code as 004. But after specifying the VARYING clause in FILE SECTION, it went fine. 1) The ascending key requirements of successive record key values has been violated, or, 2) the prime record key ( for an indexed file) or relative key ( for a relative file) value has been changed by a COBOL program between successful execution of a READ statement and execution of the next REWRITE statement for that file. or 3) the prime record. where: byte 3 = VSAM problem determination code ( ILLOGIC only) byte 4 = VSAM component code ( ILLOGIC only) Details of these response codes are described in the DFSMS Macro Instructions for Data Sets manual for VSAM, and the DFSMS/ MVS V1. 3 Using Data Sets ( SCfor BDAM. Ranade VSAM book says: You get this return code if the way a file is defined in the program and the way it is allocated by Access Method Services are. Extended File Status, nnn- xx The first character of the File- Status- Key is known as status- key- 1. If status- key- 1 is equal to 9 then status- key- 2 is a one byte, binary value as defined in the following table. The following article list down the file status codes for VSAM file errors and their meaning.

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    Error code cobol

    File Status Codes. ACUCOBOL- GT supports five different sets of FILE STATUS code values. These five sets correspond with the values used by RM/ COBOL- 85, RM/ COBOL version 2, Data General ICOBOL, VAX COBOL, and IBM DOS/ VS COBOL. Then you can' t copy code and accidentally end up with a full- stop/ period in a crucially wrong place. You would also have received a compiler diagnostic, as your ERROR- EXIT contains no code. Always look at your messages and correct the code accordingly. 46 A sequential READ operation has been tried on a file open in the INPUT or I- O mode but no valid next record has been established. 47 A READ or START operation has been tried on a file not opened INPUT or I- O. 46 Tried to READ beyond End- of- file. File Status Codes ( or) COBOL Abend Codes. ERROR REASON CODE 00 Operation completed successfully 02 Duplicate Key. Chapter 5: File Status Codes. For each file defined with a FILE STATUS clause, every I/ O operation returns a status code. This chapter lists the codes that can be returned.

    The return code from the Unicode Conversion Service CUNLCNV was return- code and the reason code was reason- code. IGZ0273S A GOBACK, EXIT PROGRAM, or STOP RUN was attempted while an EXCEPTION/ ERROR declarative was in control for a QSAM ABEND. COBOL is abbreviated as Common Business Oriented Language and it is one of the oldest programming languages. It primarily used for business, finance and administrative systems for companies. Subscript refers to the occurrence of an array but index is the displacement from the beginning of the. Status- key- 2Decimal Status- key- 2Hex DescriptionNo sure to " wrap" your code in delimiters, e. , [ * code] paste your code here. [ * / code] Don' t use the " * ". Please write beyond the externally defined boundaries of a relative or indexed file. The START verb can' t position to the first record of a relative file. These COBOL statements cause it. SELECT VSAMFILE ASSIGN TO VSAMFILE. MOVE ZERO TO MY- KEY. Status 46' s are returned by the database engine when it is trying to write back to a data file, and the file is not opened with write access.

    There are many different reasons for. I believe that a file status code of 46 indicates ( quote from the manual) Status 4/ 6 A sequential READ statement was attempted on a file open in the input or I- O mode and no valid next. While not exactly a COBOL question, problem is occuring in a COBOL program. According to everywhere I search, a code 44 means a VSAM rewrite where the length was changed or a write of a record that isn' t within the specified file sizes, ( too short/ too long). However, the problem is occuring on a. The scheduler assigns error codes to certain operations and to job and started task steps. These codes are used by the automatic job recovery function to. We are testing un upgrade from PT 8. Things were working quite well until we upgraded the cobol compiler and runtime to Server Express 4. So, rather than return a generic file status, this COBOL system returns an extended file status of 9/ 007. When using ANSI' 74 or ANSI' 85 file status codes, the run- time system returns extended status codes if the extended file status is more specific than what would normally be returned. RM/ COBOL User' s Guide iii. Contents Preface.

    If you don' t check the code when dealing with QSAM files, the system abends your program in case of serious error, and gives you a system completion code. However, if you do check the code for QSAM files, they return a subset of the codes shown below. Home > file status > vsam error code 46 Vsam Error Code 46. FILE STATUS KEYS / CODES: File status Codes beginning with a ' 0' are considered Successful execution. ASRA - This abend occured beacuse of invalid non numeric data AICA - A looping task has been terminated with this abend code by CICS because it was executing without giving up control longer than the time period specified by the ICVR keyword in the CICS SIT. There' s no simple answer, I' m afraid. The cURL example uses a callback function. You can implement that in COBOL, with a separate PROGRAM or ENTRY in the same process. Then in your callback you could implement something like what the C code does, which is to deliver the next line of header or body text each time the callback is invoked. Sitio desarrollado con PHP- Nuke. Todos los Derechos Reservados.

    PHP- Nuke es un Software Libre realizado con licencia GNU/ GPL. Pgina creada en Junio de 1. 998, con el proposito de difundir el lenguaje Cobol en nuestra lengua. first you will open file in I- O mode and check status code. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. REPRO, REPLACE, PRINT, DELETE and VERIFY Command In VSAM Modal Commands It is possible to include AMS of COBOL programming techniques and sample code. recompilation of your source code is the recommended action, to allow your executables to benefit from the product' s latest programming and performance enhancements. Relinking an executable without recompiling means using the original object code with the cbllink utility,. VSAM File Status - Learn VSAM in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Components, Cluster, KSDS, ESDS, RRDS, LDS, Commands, Alternate Index, Catalog, and File Status. The COBOL Server product contains the run- time components required to run your application on a non- development machine. It is not meant for development use and does not provide the COBOL compiler. The COBOL compiler is included with the DevHub product or with the Visual COBOL for Eclipse product.

    If I didn' t include them the system would think I was trying to include program code. You can press the " Preview Post" button and that will show you what your post will look like ( wysiwyg). Immediately after your wysiwyg code, it will also show you a list of features you can use in posting. status 46 next record not established A sequential READ operation has been tried on a file open in the INPUT or I- O mode but no valid next record has been established. Did you look up the 46 file status? What did you try to fix it? The COBOL statement as coded is perfectly valid - - but may or may not work, depending on how the rest of the code is written. Iam getting the file status code as 46: 1) The file 1 first record is reading after that file 2 is redaing until the eof 2) the file 1 second record is reading that time 2 nd file as appeared the file status code 46.